Saturday, 18 October 2014

Second take on the Prima October BAP 2014

Hi ya!

Autumn is in full swing and leaves are falling off the trees. The apple trees look so beautiful, almost bare except for the fruit that are like colourful dots in the gardens where it has not been picked.

I really really love Jennifer Snyder's sketch for the Prima October BAP so I made a second take on it. This time I removed the square that indicates the photo and went with the flow of details only. Here's the sketch again to jog your memory, I rotated it the same way I did for my first take.

Another 8 x 8 little thing on water colour paper. The colour scheme is different on this one compared to my first take that was in russet hues;

Prima Color Bloom Spray Antique Gold
Prima Color Bloom Spray Gilded
Prima Color Bloom Spray Sorbet
Prima Color Bloom Spray Peony
Pri,a Color Bloom Spray Pearl White
Prima Glass Beads Butter
Prima Glass Beads Plum
Prima Winthrop Topaz flowers
Prima Amanac collection
Prima Something Blue collection
Prima Flower stencil
Prima metal die-cuts leaves
Prima resin frame antique - 2


Thank you ever so much for popping in for a peek!

Toodelipip! xoxo Eila

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Prima Product Review

Hello hello!

It's Tuesday and I'm up with a Prima Product Review on the Scrap365 Magazine blog .

HERE is the link to the full reveal with detailed product lists.

One of my pages is based on the Prima October PPP and the September BAP sketch by Keren Tamir.

2014 BAP Keren

 Here is my take - "Grow". Close-ups on the Scrap365 blog;

I will be back on Saturday, 18 October with another
Prima-based project!

Till then, xoxox Eila

Friday, 10 October 2014

Prima October BAP 2014 - Life

Hello weekend, hello you!

Said bye bye to my boss today. He's going on a business trip to Nepal among a couple of other exotic spots on the map. So look forward to hearing about his adventures when he comes back. His itinerary mentioned a helicopter ride up on Himalaya. Dropped hints about pashmina shawls being the thing to bring back home ... :))

I haven't been able to play early in the month with the Prima BAPs or PPPs for quite a while but this time I actually prioritized some creative me-time instead of doing a mountain of laundry. Ah well, one's got to catch the inspiration when it comes on a visit don't you think!

First the beautiful BAP sketch by Jennifer Snyder that I rotated like this. 

I was inspired by the diagonal flow and the circular shape in the centre and created an 8" x 8" little something on water colour paper.

Here is my take, letting the photos speak for themselves.


891282 - Ingvild Bolme Fluid Chalk Edger Fall Leaf
891015 - Ingvild Bolme Fluid Chalk Edger Dark Rust
891091  - Ingvild Bolme Chalk Edger Rusty Bucket
 573911 - Color Bloom Spray Gilded
573874 - Color Bloom Spray Sorbet
573836 - Color Bloom Spray Tea Stain
573843 - Color Bloom Spray Antique Gold
573942 - Color Bloom Spray Glistening Waves
571931 - Florella leaves
570620 - Pebbles
961718 - Art Ingredients Glass Beads Plum
961701 - Art Ingredients Glass Beads Butter
572839 - Metal Die-cuts Leaves 
575434 - Stationer's Desk Pencil
577414- Capistrano Milkshake
577384- Capistrano Ginger Ale
572365- Resin Frame Antique White 2
960247 - Vintage Metals Roman Numerals
892180 - Ceiling Light Bulb
Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist Silk
 Acrylic gold paint


I will be back on Tuesday, 14 October
with a Prima product review over at the
Scrap365 blog!

See you then if you want to!

Toodelipip! xoxo Eila

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Where Souls Blossom - canvas in Aug/Sept 2014 issue of Scrap365 Magazine

Hello hello!

I am back again after another super busy week at work, several late evenings and far too little sleep. Have been sooo looking forward to the weekend because it also marks something very unique and special;

Scrap365 Magazine has gone digital!!

 HERE  is the link where you an subscribe to the digital edition of the magz. You can get the a free trial of the first issue for a month - NO COST! how good is that!

And HERE is a link to YouTube with a fabulous teaser! Just listen to that fantastic voice of Ali Parris', she just could make voice overs for films left and right!

It's my LOVE anvas on the cover and it is also featured in the Pinspired 360 degrees article. So cool!

In the August/September issue I had another canvas featured in the Inspiration Station article - Where Souls Blossom.

It was all about misting.

This was my starting point; white and cream Prima blooms and a table full of mists!

SO many different mulberry blooms, different
shapes, different sizes, different textures. Just yummie!

Here is the misted and masked base that I used
as starting point.

And here is the result of day 1.
I continued the next day when all mists had dried.

The finished result with all embellies in place.


Tattered Angels Mist
 Crushed Shells
Chalkboard Banana Pudding
Chalkboard Splash
Plain Jane Sky
Rolling Tide
Autumn Nights
Honey Dew
Garden Fairy
Sweet Clover
Key Lime Pie
Chalkboard Cotton Candy
Coral Reef
Peach Delight
Red Velvet

Other mist
Mr Huey's Opaque White
Prima Marketing
545994 - Innoscence 2 mulberry flowers
546076 - Innoscence 2 mulberry flowers
545963 - Innoscence 2 mulberry flowers
571498 - Le Mia Mulberry roses
571412 - Layla mulberry flowers
573454 - White Petal Flower trim
891992 - Shabby Chic Treasures resin butterflies
573546 - Resin angels


Et voilĂ !

Thank you so much for coming by, really really
appreciate it!

Toodelipip! xoxo Eila

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Prima PPP September 2014 - two autumnal canvases

It's a beautiful Sunday here in Stockholm. The trees have started to shift in blazing autumnal hues even if the lawns are still sort of green. Time to start thinking of sweaters and warmer shoes. The snow has already arrived up north, even if it was only for a short visit. As far as I'm concerned, it can stay away for the whole winter.

Just finished my take on the Prima September PPP, here's first the moodboard with its beautiful golden hues;


I made two  8" x 8" (20 cm x 20 cm) canvases for a birthday girl. They were designed to either hang side by side, or separately. 

First the left one;

And then the right one;

Both unframed next to each other;

Both in their shadow boxes;

Papers from the Life Time collection
573836 - Color Bloom Spray Tea Stain
573843 - Color Bloom Spray Antiqe Gold
961701 - Glass Beads Butter
961718 - Glass Beads Plum
 573096 - Stationers Desk paper clip
572693 - Stationers Desk flair button
574628 - Ivy Bay gold leaves
 578268 - Providence paper leaf stem Clove
578206 - Capri burlap flowers Cabernet
577384 - Capistrano mulberry flowers Ginger Ale
577414 - Capistrano mulberry flowers Milk Shake
 577940 - Sarasota lace flowers Dreamy
552886 - Cradle birds nest Sparrow
 575427 - Stationers Desk mulberry roses Typewrite
 574543 - Cartographer mulberry roses Globetrotter


Et voilĂ !

Wishing you a beautiful weekend and start to the week!

xoxox Eila

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Prima shadow boxes

Good morning Thursday!

Two days to go and then it's weekend yay! It's been a busy week again, got a couple of long trips to far away countries to plan and coordinate for my boss. Many visits and many legs of transportation to consider. Wouldn't mind joining him to Nepal where our company has one of our offices, that would be SO interesting!

It's 25 September, which means I am up on the Scrap365 blog with a post on 3 Prima shadow boxes. 

I am showing how older and newer Prima collections can be beautifully combined to create new combinations. Just love how they can be mixed and matched for new inspiration, one of the reasons Prima continues to wow me over and over again.

Click HERE for the link to the post with close-ups and full product lists.

Here comes a sneaky peaky of one of them!

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit
the Scrap365 Magazine blog!
It would mean the world to me if you would
want to leave a word.

Toodeloo! xoxo Eila

Monday, 22 September 2014

HAPPY MONDAY my Craft Space

Hello new week - it's Monday!

Two cups of coffee and I'm awake and humming while I'm doing my morning routine. Without my coffee I'm a grumpy Mrs S, hubby says I've got fangs ha ha!

Today is Happy Monday over at the Scrap365 Magazine blog. That's when we in the DT welcome you into our craft space and today it's my turn.

HERE is the link to the full blogpost with lots of photos. This is the view I have when scrapping at my desk. We live on the 4th floor of a city center apartment building in Stockholm.

Welcome for a peek over at Scrap365!

I'll be back on 25 September with a product review over at 
the Scrap365 Magazine blog. 
See you then if you want to!

Cheerio! xoxo Eila